Crafts N' Things Hobbies & Games

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21 James Bay Junction Road  - Map It
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21 James Bay Junction Road
Seguin, ON
P2A 0B2
P:  705-746-6107



Crafts N' Things Hobbies & Games carry a wide range of items such as:
Comics, Bags, Board, Movies, Anima & Manga, Calendars
Collectible Cards, Sleeves & Deck Protectors
Action Figures & Statues: Super heros, WOW, Final Fantasy
Model: Planes, Cars, Trucks, Balsa Planes, Rockets & Engines
Ceramics, Beads, Wood Crafts, Paints & Glues
Miniatures Hordes, Warmachine, Warhammer
T-Shirts, Board Games & Much More


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