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Kropf Marine
Kropf Marine has been building steel tube floating dock systems since 1988. Our docks are sandblasted and epoxy coated with a salt water rated coating in order to provide a very long service life. A combination of rigid and semi-flexible connections provide a system that is extremely stable as well as being very quiet, providing boaters with the most comfortable marina environment possible. With extensive experience in northern ice conditions and a professional design team, Kropf is equipped to provide you with custom solutions covering the entire process from design to installation. 

Kropf Conolift
The Conolift brand of hydraulic trailers are the industry leader in quality, efficiency, and ease of use. Our unique open frame design and variety of options allows our trailers to meet a wide range of requirements while still being easy to operate and maintain. Our trailers are available as self-propelled or tow-behind models, with sizes ranging from three to one hundred tons. We also offer approved highway versions of our trailers. Other product offerings include sling lifts, mobile marine hoists, trailer tugs, and galvanized boat storage stands. 

Kropf Aquaculture
Kropf Aquaculture has designed and installed numerous floating net pens for the freshwater aquaculture industry. Based on our steel tube docks, these pens provide a stable and comfortable working area around the pen, and are designed to protect your investment in harsh northern conditions. 
Kropf Aquaculture also offers a variety of support equipment, including self-propelled hydraulic pallet carts, feed barges, hydraulic capstans, and mortality rings.


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