Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

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1116 Crawford Street
Rosseau, ON
P0C 1J0
P:  705-732-6368


Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary was started in the early 1970s by a caring individual who wanted to help rehabilitate orphaned wildlife. A pioneer in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, her dedication and passion for rescuing animals was an inspiration to many and the driving force over more than thirty years at the sanctuary. We are proud to continue the work she started, but respecting her own wishes, we also protect her privacy.
Over 40 years later, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary has grown in to a leader in wildlife rehabilitation.
Situated in Muskoka, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a 460 acre sanctuary of natural habitat. Our primary mandate is to rehabilitate animals who find their way to us so that they can eventually be returned to their natural habitat. We also provide education to the community about co-existing with wildlife and humane solutions for wildlife-related issues. The size of Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary makes us one of the most unique and important wildlife rehabilitation centres in Ontario.

We have the space and habitat to care for large animals such as moose, deer, bear and wolves as well as aquatic animals such as beavers and otters. Of course, we also take in countless numbers of raccoons, squirrels and other small mammals and birds.


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